Gretta and Andrew and Henry Miller

Welcome to engagement session season. I was extremely lucky to have the chance to work with Andrew and Gretta because they are some of the most genuine and wonderful humans I have ever met, but i’m not going to lie – it was also pretty cool that Gretta works for Herman Miller and she was given permission for us to shoot part of our session at the headquarters in Holland, Mi. Pretty rad all around. Here are some shots from our Herman Miller/beach session.


Liz and Alex

One of the weddings I loved the most from the end of 2013. Mostly because of Liz and Alex being so heavenly to work with, our combined love of portrait adventure and our shared obsession with cats. Here are some favorites.

Hilary and Zach.

A handful of some of my favorite shots from Hilary and Zach’s wedding.

Caroline + Derek. North Carolina.

Derek and Caroline’s favorite things to do together : jump in the river, drink cocktails, garden, and make out. This basically sums up these two wild and earthy souls who reconnected after having dated briefly over a decade earlier. They had their lovely wedding in the mountains of Asheville.

Tricia + Jason

This year has been an uncomfortable and hard year for me personally. Lots of major changes in a very short period of time. It affected my work. It influenced it no matter how much I tried to compartmentalize things (very unsuccessfully I might add).  Even though I can drive myself into the ground with effort trying to give my best, I have mixed emotions about this year and what I actually produced and it makes it difficult to blog things. I imagine this happens to everyone at some point in their careers, although I feel vulnerable actually saying it.

My wedding season ended a few weeks ago and I felt like I needed to take some time and do work that made me feel good again, minus all the expectations that can ride your shoulders with weddings. This shoot is something I am happy to end my season with.  I imagine it doesn’t look that different from any other work of mine from the outside, but it made me feel better on the inside. Tricia and Jason were extremely generous about being apart of this when I approached them about doing this shoot just for myself. Working with the pressures of timing and everything else that can happen on a wedding day can be wearing for even the most balanced person, so having fun and just playing with them felt like coming back to where I needed to be. And I was very excited to blog our session. So a big thanks to them both.